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Standalone ECU v.s. Piggyback ECU. Prije 2 godina. Pure Function Which ECU type works best for you? Supra Build: Standalone ECU - New Wheels. Prije 2 godina. Pure Function Lets talk standalone ECU's and what ECU are you How to wire a 2JZGE vvti with immobilizer.
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The Causes of Internal Engine Knock, and How to Eliminate it. By Ray T. Bohacz . Abnormal combustion, more commonly known as knock or detonation, has been the limiting factor in internal combustion engine power generation since the discovery of the otto cycle itself.
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My buddy has a 2002 Lexus IS300 with 2JZGE engine and i was wondering if there is a ecu tuning tool that will enable him to read the stock file off of Use some standalone ECU. Best option, especially when you have engine with some modifications. Or maybe you can use GReddy e-Manage, also a...
2JZ Supra SC300 9298 MS3Pro PnP Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System is compatible with the following: 1993-1998 Toyota Supra Turbo, manual transmission 1993-1997 Toyota Supra non turbo, manual transmission 1992-1997 Lexus SC300, manual transmission. 2JZ Supra SC300 9298 MS3Pro PnP Plug and Play is easy to install (1 hour typical) Apr 17, 2014 · The Link you posted is the ebay copy of the FSM Manifold, This one keeps the stock lower runners therefore your Stock fuel rail will work fine, If you decided to ditch the stock rail mounted regulator just tap the port for a -6 fitting and your good to go with an external regulator. Anything can be done! its just would it be worth the effort. Off the top of my head you would need to change manifold, custom intake, exhaust, make oil/water feeds/returns for the turbo (drilling and tapping block to suit), may need to change ignition system?, intercooler, then wire in a standalone ECU etc. Think the straight swap would be easier.
hey all I'm chasing a ecu pin out for a 2jzge engine that I have I believe its out of a jzz31 soarer. I will post a pic of the ecu part number sticker. if someone has a stand alone wiring diagram for it that would be greatly appreciated as ive done a fair bit of searching and failed to find one for my ecu. SupraStore.com features this helpful plug-n-play kit for the Aristo/GS300 and Altezza/IS300 chassis'! This kit is for using the stock 2JZ-GE engine and wiring harness that came in your "4 door Supra" The Infinity 506 will solve the needs of 90% of users with almost all of the same functionality as the more expensive 708 box. You will need to keep the stock ECU in this kit, as the ... 2JZGTE items: 2jzgte - JDM cams and cam gears - $150 JDM 2jzgte non VVTI automatic ECU for sale. Have not used it in over 8 years sitting in a box. It will work with 5/6 speed setups. $250 as is. 2jzgte fuel rail with fittings modified for -6 fuel line and side fitting for an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Crackers, mine is the "last" of the early cars with distributors and no VVT, so the ECU and engine wiring are the same, but the cluster for '97 is completely different from the "earlier" early cars. I did find a 97 cluster diagram on an old forum, but it's too grainy to read. If your FSM is for 1997, I will be so thankful for that cluster diagram!
Thanks guys thats what I needed to know. I'm just waiting to hear back from JWT about using a 96 ECU in a 2000. I think I'm going to give them a call rite now. If I can't get the JWT, I think I'll have to get SAFC2 If I'm spending 2k on standalone I might as well just go turbo. Here at Link Engine Management we have the world’s largest range of PlugIn ECU’s. PlugIn units are a direct replacement for your factory ECU, specifically built for each model of car. Majority of the Link G4X PlugIn range slides straight into your factory enclosure, making installation a breeze.
In today's video I show some basics to tuning and walk through the process of diagnosing and fixing my car's idle issue. The ECU used in this video is an ECU... 1 x Standalone ME221 Engine Control Unit (ECU) 1 x ST170 Loom (supplied as standard with 2 pin mini timer injector connectors to suit standard Zetec, please see our other listings for motorcycle injector connectors) Loom details can be found in this document. 1 x RS232 Communications Cable. 1 x Quick Start Guide. Options
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