Car sputters sometimes when starting

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I have a 96 S-10, with the stock 2.2L and 5 speed tranny. It just started doing this today. When I am accelerating, the engine starts to sputter. It's worse when I get up into 3rd and 4th gear and give it more gas. If I put it in neutral and rev the engine, it revs just fine. It's only when...
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Mar 24, 2015 · The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) may have worn out and become faulty, in which case it shorts out, causing the car to die intermittently or not start at all. The VSS sensor is located on top of the transmission, and above the axles. If done yourself, replacing the VSS sensor costs upwards of $40. Figure 6. 5 Common areas that can cause a burning smell from your car: 1) the clutch - may result from riding the clutch or needing a replacement, 2) the brakes - can occur from heavy break usage or riding the brakes, 3) an electrical short, 4) the heater - may result from debris in the system or from a bad motor, or 5) burning oil.
What the car is doing is sometimes it stalls when put into reverse. Sometimes it will start and dies right away. If the RPM's are brought up in park it sputters above 3000 rpms. If the car is driven it sputers and acts like it is going to die. Sometimes when the car is started the engine will sound smooth up front but sounds like a hemi out the back. Try this in your drive way. Start it up. Turn the wheel all the way and see if it stalls. If it does, my guess is your are pinching a wire killing the engine. Have the wife do it so you can look under the hood and see if you can spot the bind.
Sep 07, 2007 · My car's engine shudders when start up in the morning. The shuddering can be felt through the steering wheel and it is not a continuous shudder but an irregular beat every 2 to 3 seconds. This symptom was already felt when the car was new but as the car ages, the effect is just more pronounced. However, sometimes there aren’t any obvious signs, but you’ll still need to have it checked if the light’s on. Symbol Meaning ABS warning light . This means the anti-lock braking system isn’t working. Normal brake operation is unaffected but you could skid during heavy braking. Sometimes this light may come on for no apparent reason. 7. He withdrew into his own little sitting room all the time and hardly ever came out. 8.There was a macaroni cheese on the kitchen table but hardly anyone was eating. 9. Feel free to do whatever you need here, but please remember to lock up when you leave. 10. His father hardly said anything at all.
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