How to lower a cast iron toilet flange

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i would remove the present flange while the tile is off. then place some foam wrap around the pipe to keep the mud and tile clear. once the tile is set, you can properly place the new flange on top of the tile and set it perfectly. the excess pipe can be cut off with a internal cutter. of course this is a very special cutter for cast iron and not sure if you can rent it.
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Oatey® Cast Iron Closet Flange Replacement is designed to replace a broken or corroded cast iron closet flange without tearing up the floor. Compression joining allows up to 3" of adjustment to the riser. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professionals for over 100 years.
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3/4" Four Bolt Flange Bearing UCF204-12. High quality 3/4" four bolt flange bearing. The bearing has a wide inner ring with two set screws for attaching to the shaft.
Oatey Fast Set 3 in. Outside Fit or 4 in. Inside Fit PVC Hub Toilet Flange with Test Cap and Stainless Steel Ring
Jan 26, 2017 · The cast iron flange is raised from the floor 1" ! I knew it was raised (as I saw some older, shorter shims that I had installed some time ago) but I do not remember it being this far above the floor! Either it was this way from the time it was built in '76, the floor sunk or the drain pipe has risen. Like brass and copper toilet flanges, stainless steel flanges are more expensive than plastic toilet flanges. Cast Iron Toilet Flanges Click image for more info. Meant to use with cast iron pipes only, cast iron toilet flanges are extremely sturdy, providing years of use without cracking or disintegrating.A toilet flange is a piece which connects a toilet to the waste pipe under it. In some older houses, our emergency plumber in London has discovered that often the toilet flange is made of cast-iron, which is a very brittle material. Here is how we repair cast-iron toilet flanges in London.
Thread rubber gasket onto flange until the gasket expands to meet the inside walls of the pipe. Tilt and twist flange until the gasket begins to grip the pipe. Level and push the flange flush with the floor while using the closet bolts to complete the tightening process. Align the flange and screw it onto the floor. Put the toilet mounting bolts in the flange pointing up, and use some wax from the old wax ring to hold them in place. Place the super ring replacement toilet ring over the waste line, making sure the mounting bolts are in the same place as the original bolts were, one bolt on each side of the flange. Toilet Flange Extension Kit. For bathroom renovations where a new floor has been installed and the old Closet Flange is too low. This Kit is ideal: When the Closet Flange is NOT at new floor level; Need to raise Flange by 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/4” If Flange is broken – Will anchor Closet Bolts; Your job just got a lot easier.
Closet flanges with test cap Cast iron 4 inches closet flange, no caulking. Complete with body, brass ring, bolts and gasket. To be used on plastic or heavy weight, no hub or service weight soil pipe.
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