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223 Remington In Progressively Shorter Barrels 223 Remington 223 Remington Factory Ammo V Reloads Heavy Bullets In The 223 Remington 223 Ackley Improved 22 PPC USA 22 BR Remington 224 Weatherby 22-250 Remington 22-250 Ackley Improved 5.6 x 57 RWS 220 Swift 22-243 Middlestead 22-6MM Remington
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Does anyone have a pet load using the Sierra .224 65gr gameking in their 223 rem. ? Can anyone tell me where to find load data? Sierra doesn't list any for the 65gr bullet In my book.. I'm going to be shooting it out of a RRA 20" coyote rifle 1-9" twist.. thanks
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The two major sporting ammunition manufacturers that offer light medium game loads for the .223 are Federal and Winchester. Federal offer a 64 grain soft point at 3090fps, the 55 grain trophy bonded bear claw at 3100fps and the excellent 60 grain Nosler Partition at 3160fps although 22” barrels average 70fps below Federal test barrel specs.
Sierra Bullets’ reloading manual lists 3,900 fps as the top velocity attainable with 55-grain bullets in the Swift; the highest velocity from the.22-.250 Rem. with its 55-grain BlitzKing... So I got some 65gr game kings to load for my AR. Thinking this would be a good deer/hog round. I bought some CFE223 powder but can't find the load data for this combination. Hodgdon's website has a load for .223 for the Sierra 63 grain SP. I'd use the Hodgdon data starting low and working up.
Magnum is insignificant. In fact, Sierra now uses the 223 for accuracy testing in several of our 22 caliber MatchKings. It is an extremely easy cartridge to load for, responding well to a wide variety of components. Hodgdon’s H335, Winchester 748 and Reloader 7 are all top choices, generally giving good velocity and excellent accuracy.
Sierra 55gr GameKing bullet (#1390) ... DPMS stainless Bull .223 chamber 1 in 9 upper this load will consistently do in the .5 s to .8 at 100 with a best of .464 up ... 223 55gr Copper Lead Free - 1000ct 223 55gr Copper Lead Free - 1000ct $124.99 New - Lead Free Caliber: 223 Bullet Diameter: .224 Bullet Weight: 55gr Bullet Style: Pressed Copper New - Lead Free Caliber: 223 Bullet...
Apr 30, 2019 · Our Favorite 223 remington load is 21.5 gr. of IMR3031 with CCI standard small rifle primers and Hornady 55 grain FMJ-BT bullets. Feb 10, 2016 · The 5.56mm/.223 Remington is America’s cartridge just as the AR-15 rifle is America’s rifle. The rifle is used for recreational shooting, competition, varmint hunting, medium-sized game hunting, and personal defense. In fact, the same rifle will handle all of these chores—given a skilled shooter. While the rifle is versatile and may fill each role well, no single loading will serve in ...
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